How to see Rome in 3 days & with £300

Surely Not?

Now you may think that 3 days could not possibly be long enough to explore the beautiful, ancient city of Rome. You may similarly hold the view that £300 is far from enough without having to fly at ungodly hours and sleep in a bedbug infested hostel or something.

Well I am happy to announce, if that is your opinion, you are in fact (no offence intended): wrong.

To prove this, you will find on this post a timeline and a budget overview of my time in Rome. Of course you can argue that there is more to see and other luxuries worthy of financial indulgence. But my testimony proves that you can have a great trip without scraping your savings or selling a kidney.

Timeline – Day 1

7:15 -We all meet at chez moi

10ish – We arrive at Stanstead airport


16:55 – We are in Rome! (We bus to Termini)

17:45 – 10 minute walk to the hotel

17:55 – We explore our hotel

Our Hotel in Rome from Naomi Armstrong on Vimeo.

20:30 – Dinner outside @ a nearby restaurant



23:00 – Cocktails @  Piazza Della Republica

00:30 – Goodnight!

Timeline – Day 2

8:00 – Continental breakfast @ the hotel

8:45 – Walk to & explore ROMAN FORUM


12:00 – Lunch time! @ Hostaria de Nerone



15:00 – Siesta back @ hotel


20:00 – Our fanciest dinner @ Alla Rampa 


23:00 – drinks @ the hotel

01:00 – Zzzzzzz

Photo timeline – Day 3

Seeing as Day 3 consisted of a walking tour & then an afternoon spent in Travestere, I thought it would make more sense to simply show you our timeline of events in a photographic slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 4 – Ciao

We depart from the airport at 11:15 after our hotel staff kindly booked us a taxi. This meant we were back in London for around 13:00 with serious holiday blues.


After conducting a poll on this site not long ago, I can see that many of you expect Rome to be pretty pricey. For example, you can see that most people thought a meal would cost between 12 and 16 euros. But I only once spent more than 10 on a whole meal.


You can also see a rough budget below. Some figures are estimates as I didn’t keep a tight record of spending. And I know it goes over £300 but many of these options (eg. taxi to London, the hotel, flight times) were not the very cheapest options available.


Extra Cheeky Spends

I admit, that I did also buy an extremely lovely leather journal with my left over spending money in Travestere and a couple of little souvenirs for my family but I am not including these in my Budget sheet as they were unessential. It is also worth noting that many of the meals we ate were not the cheapest items on the menu & we sometimes indulged in street food & gelato when we were in no way hungry.

So my point is: your budget is massively adaptable.

If you don’t believe me…

So if you’re at all doubting me, here is my friend Shreena who came with me to Rome telling you a little bit about what she thought.


If you’re reading this and I haven’t convinced you that city breaks don’t have to break your bank then maybe these bloggers that travelled to similar locations and under a similar budget may help (click on the photo below to find my Storify):


Oh and if you do make it to Rome…

Don’t forget to make a wish.

The Trevi from Naomi Armstrong on Vimeo.

ps. Been on a similar adventure? Let me know in the comments!

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