Oxford Road: Officially Restricted. 

So Europe’s busiest bus route, Oxford Road, Manchester is currently littered with roadworks. Like literally, they’re everywhere.

As a keen believer in walking as a mode of both transport and fitness, you would think I would be little effected by such issues. You would be wrong.

On my regular walk to Fallowfield, I have been forced to walk between  temporary metal walls that reach high above my head as well as being diverted down junctions that add minutes to my journey that I would rather spend doing frankly anything else.

Not only this, but when my schedule means I do not have time to walk and must succumb to public transport, I have been diverted onto much longer routes which have made me late, or caused me to run from the bus stop to my destination on multiple occasions. (However I am in no way complaining about the bus service – magic buses are £1 and hence a financial life-saver).

Here is evidence of this madness from just a stones throw away from my halls.

It’s safe to say myself, and most likely every other student in Manchester will be found rejoicing when this disruption ends.

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