Shine Bright(on). The little sea-side London?

So, I know I’m sorta cheating here because Brighton is not abroad, but seeing as my bank balance seriously isn’t allowing me to leave the country for a while I thought I’d share about my recent trip to my favourite UK city.

So after waiting for a train from Eastbourne for what felt like forever (thanks a lot to all of those striking conductors & drivers), I finally reached Brighton accompanied by my grandma and best friend. I had been before but my friend had not so I had a little plan to ensure she saw all of my favourite spots so I thought I’d give you a similar little online tour…

The Lanes

So firstly, and perhaps most famously, there are the Lanes. Despite having moseyed around on around five separate occasions, I still manage to get lost every single time. But I honestly think that may be part of the charm. To be able to wind around dainty cobbled streets and window shop to your heart’s content is something I could do for days. My personal favourite is the shop that sells an impressive collection of outfits for small dogs. I don’t have a dog, and if I did I wouldn’t dress it – but I will still go in every time.


Image: Brighton – The Lanes – Sept 2009 – James Brown Graffiti, Gareth1953,, Licensed under CC 2.0


Ben’s Cookies

I can honestly say that I am utterly and truly in love with whoever this Ben guy is. His cookies are well worth me ignoring my lactose and egg intolerances. This photo does not even do justice the marvellous creations that are on offer. My personal favourite is the white chocolate cookie. They are almost always still warm and the chocolate is a little melted mound of heaven in the middle.

The Pier

Usually the Pier is somewhere that steals a minimum half hour of my trip. But on this occasion, the weather was so appalling that we decided to run to the seafront, take a cheeky snapchat, and then run back to shelter where my Grandma was eagerly awaiting hot coffee to which we did not protest. But I heavily suggest exploring the Pier on a brighter day – nothing says British culture quite like it.


Image: Brighton Pier sign, Marcus D,, Licensed under CC 2.0

The Music Shops

Now, I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the street or shop names (other than the one in the image below!) but I certainly do remember thinking Brighton had an ace collection of music shops with ridiculously good guitar collections. And I know this won’t appeal to everyone but I couldn’t not mention it. I also love how most of these stores are independently owned and take real care in their instruments and customers. So maybe think about picking up a ukulele at least?


Big Yellow Shop Drum Cavern, Dominic’s Pics,, Licensed under CC 2.0

So in short, if you haven’t been: go. And if you have been: let me know your favourite spots for when I next venture down South!

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